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Vasil Kichev

You cannot create experience. You must undergo it.

Albert Camus

c. 2014

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Building an industry

From the moment I stepped on Dutch soil it has been my mission to bring essential building blocks of the Groningen game scene together. In working with the Hanze UAS, Study Association GLiTCH, and Indietopia, I have been a part of many beautiful stories, exciting projects, and innovative developments.

As the chairman of GLiTCH and later the Business Developer for Indietopia, the networking events I organized have gathered over 150 people in total and have exposed students and professionals to amazing opportunities.


The Journey

Over the Years


First Experiments with Games

My first dabblings with games were experiments with various engines and creating analysis videos about indie games.



I began learning about funding, supply chains, and production by creating a strategic board game called Hexdom.


Began CMD at Hanze UAS

The Hanze opened the first doors for me and taught me many valuable lessons about teamwork, time management, and research.


On the Board of Study Association GLiTCH

First as the head of external relations, then as the chairman, my goal with GLiTCH was to increase the professional value for students and to further integration with the local games industry


Business Developer at Indietopia

In the meantime, I was developing and refining the business model to increase the value and stability for subsequent accelerator editions.

I was hired at Indietopia to assist with the, at the time, ongoing accelerator program. I worked with two participating companies as a Scrum Master and assisted them with funding and business opportunities.


Northern Game Industry Gathering

In 2019, we decided to revamp Indietopia’s networking format and turn it into something grandiose and valuable for all participants in the local industry.

Leading the charge, I partnered with GLiTCH and rebuilt the structure from the ground up. Since, these networking events have been gathering over 60 people each and continue to expose students and professionals to amazing products and opportunities.

Digital Marketing

During my time on the board of GLiTCH and later as the head of marketing, I sought to strengthen the relationship with our members by reviving our social media presence with effective strategies and new types of posts.

Event Management

While networking events are my specialty, I have had a finger in all manner of social gatherings. From testing sessions, to lectures, to LAN parties, I’ve gone through the motions of the events world.

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Team Management, Leadership, and Scrum

In all new projects I tend to gravitate towards an organizational position. Whether it be during group work at the Hanze, at Indietopia, or for side projects, I always end up taking the lead or acting as a SCRUM Master during development-focused projects. Throughout all of this, I have created dozens of documents and templates which guide people and make management easier and more efficient.


I’ve represented many of the projects I’ve been involved with in nearly every way imaginable. I’ve talked for companies at conventions, business events, attended meetings and negotiated deals. Representing others at public speeches is also familiar to me.

Game Design

While not my primary focus recently, I’ve developed quite a feel for game systems and interactive experiences through my various professional, educational, and personal projects. My design philosophy focuses on simplicity, elegance, and effect.