We Know About Games

As gamified elements are becoming more effective and widespread, we have the duty to educate ourselves and others on the subject and use that power for good. We offer workshops for everyone from kindergartners and students, to developers and businessmen. Following our code of conduct, we believe everyone can benefit greatly from being able to ethically apply game design elements to their products, business, and life.

Game Design

The design elements that make many modern games successful are also involved in everything from the car industry to employee training. These essentials are key for everyone to know.

Serious Games

It is not by accident that serious and applied gaming have become such commonplace terms in the past couple of years. Games have the power to achieve much more than simple entertainment.

Game Development

In our development workshops we approach the thematic from the technical perspective. Art, programming, and project management are very important topics to anyone looking to develop their own game.

Game Business

The gaming industry is a tough nut to crack and without a clear perspective and strong business model, going into it can be a perilous journey.


Our Workshops in Action


Meet The Workshops Team

Merijn de Boer

Director of Operations

Merijn believes in sharing his knowledge of the gaming industry and helping everyone convey their creativity into an interactive product. His goal is to link technology professionals and creatives to unlock new and exciting possibilities.

Milan Tent

Workshop Master

Milan is a game designer, developer and composer. Avid for interaction design, he creates immersive experiences with games, simulations and music.

With teaching, he specializes in making complex concepts simple to understand, which makes him a valuable asset for workshops

Vasil Kichev

Business Developer

For Vasil, the future is interactive. His mission is to bring essential design and business skills to everyone.

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